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  •   FRACTAL 
  • Unites powerful IoT platform and advanced visual designing tools to create your IoT solution. It’s easy, fast and cheap.
  • Make devices and connect them into networks. Link web, Android and iOS applications to your solution. Connect external cloud services to increase performance.
  • Fractal will take care of the rest.

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Everything You Need to Create Your Exclusive IoT Solution

DIY with easy Drag and Drop

Creating your exclusive IoT solutions is easier than ever. No electronics or programming skills needed. Just pick a platform from the list, take elements from the library, put them on your desktop and simply connect with lines. Then press a “Start” button and here you go with firmware for your solution

We’ve got you covered

Ready-made software, library of logic elements, easy drag and drop, from PIN to devices & apps network cover, experts-made out-of-box solutions, clear and plain schemes - all wrapped up in one IoT solutions visual builder.

Collaborate devices and applications

Keep track of all your device’s & app’s status, telemetry data and logic of interaction in one place. Improve performance and reduce costs with remote control and monitoring.

Make over-the-air firmware updates

Distribute features, new software and configuration settings to all your devices and networks from one location. It takes just one click. Updates apply immediately to all your devices.

Connect various software & hardware platforms

Fractal is cross-platform. It aims you to make really complex IoT solutions. Connect various OS, bare machines and software applications in one place. Multi-level systems can be utilized in a single project.

Scale out network of devices for global challenges

Create your own new devices, add them to existing hardware, configure your system as the need arises. All tools for this are combined in one web app.

Make complex technologies widely accessible

Increase the Fractal’s library to let other makers and companies use your stunned devices & apps. Once deployed your products will seen to others as simple squares with incoming and outcoming data fieldsю

Speak IoT-language obvious even for children

Fractal’s logic schemas are clear for developers, analysts and clients. Take valuable advantage for negotiations with client and the further development.

We offer

  • Significant reduction of market entries costs, expertize and time
  • Clear logic schemas of your complex IoT solutions designed for clients
  • Faster and cheaper prototyping & modeling of your new products
  • Most effective usage of your products achieves by Fractal’s interface
  • Remote monitoring and supporting for your client’s devices & apps

  • Significant reduction of entry barriers for new customers
  • Simple modular prototyping for creating pre-production samples
  • Source code optimization
  • Tools for quick market entry strategy
  • Remote monitoring and supporting for your client’s devices & apps

  • Significant reduction of IoT entries costs, expertize and time
  • Tools for creating & customizing apps (iOS, Android, Web)
  • Remote monitoring and supporting for your client’s

Scope of Fractal


Software for smart greenhouses and farms Smart buildings

Smart buildings

Automation systems for homes, offices and storages Robotics


Behavioral algorithms and remote control


Software from PIN to space colonization levels


Automatic temperature, humidity etc. based resource management


Exploration of the electronics & programming basics

Smart city

Combining individual smart buildings into a smart city

Makers and artists

Lower entry barriers for technical creativity expression

Start Using the Power of Flexible and Feature-packed Tools Today

Partnership at all layers of the Internet of Things

Fractal incorporate your IoT solution both vertically and horizontally. Vertical integration connects all layers of IoT together - from a microcontroller's PIN to a Smart Space. Horizontal integration allows the connection of external apps and services to the layers of your IoT solution.

If you are working at this area, let’s find touch points!

Start creating your IoT solutions today

Fractal is on final stage of development. Actually, our team is already using Fractal with debugged & ready-to-use software elements for creating IoT solutions for B2B market. Meanwhile we are actively filling our library of elements with our hardware & software partners.

Catch us before Fractal’s release and take a special service!